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NMA, “Navsari Management Association” is Affiliated with All India Management Association (AIMA), the apex body for management profession in India. NMA also promotes, participate and collaborate in all its educational and professional activities in India.NMA is Initiated by Rotary Club of Navsari.

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Navsari Management Association received a prestigious award
Winner in the Best LMA Award Category IV  Year 2022-23
from All India Management Association

*as on May 2024

Based on the spirit of developing “Caring & Confident Community”. The revolutionary concept of Navsari Management Association (NMA) initiated by visionary members of Rotary Club of Navsari has successfully completed 8 years. The thought of investing into the society for shaping a caring and confident citizen for our community has started gaining momentum. Within the short span of its inception, NMA has gradually started building its reputation not only among its stakeholders but also the society. This probably is because the NMA has stuck to its core vision and mission of furthering the cause of managerial excellence, it has never deviated from this.

NMA has thus far attempted to help its members and associates in developing professional skill and expertise in their respective fields. The objective in conducting wide ranging diverse programs throughout the year is to share knowledge, accord opportunities, promote and propagate innovative methods and practices adopted in different vocation to various cross sections of the society hitherto deprived of such opportunities.

NMA aspires to be a leader in professional development, advancing the skill of individuals desiring to perform and excel. NMA’s focus will be on improving performance through experimental learning “learning through doing”. Our vision and mission is to be a leading institution in south Gujarat providing a comprehensive range of high quality management development ,training and educational services to create a meaningful differences to individuals ,organizations and the society at large .we believe in skilled Navsari ,where economy is buoyant and vibrant, but is “caring and sharing”. Through we believe that business is for profit, it cannot be divorced from ethics.

Historically, the family has played the primary role in educating children for life, with school providing supplemental scaffolding to the family. We, as a developing society do have a significant role to play in creating clear, confident character based citizens.

Navsari just because of its size must not suffer by the opportunities for development that the world has to offer. So, we, at Rotary Club of Navsari thought to initiate the “Navsari Management Association” affiliated to the All India Management Association.

Quality policy statement

Navsari Management Association (NMA) aims to achieve optimum levels of satisfaction by providing high standards in learning and skill development, at affordable cost by means of training, seminars, workshops, industrial quality talks on varied subjects. NMA monitors compliance by implementing &maintaining the      requirements of ISO 9001:2015

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