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Sr. No. Date Seminar Name Speaker Name Gallery Photos
1 5-01-2020 Exsta (Export Startup)
FTP (foreign Trade Policy)
GeM (Government e-marketplace)
Suvidh shah View Photos
2 8-01-2020 Gandhi & Pariyavaran Mr. Rajendra Singh View Photos
3 11-01-2020 From Idea To Action
How To Take Your Startup Idea Forward
Kashyap Pandya
4 17-01-2020 Start Up To Scale Kashyap Pandya View Photos
5 18-01-2020 Kitchen Is The Temple Health Guraji Dr. Rasikanandji View Photos
6 21-01-2020 શિક્ષણ એક કળા (Art Of Teaching) Mr. Suresh Prajapati View Photos
7 21-01-2020 જવાબદારી છે જિંદગીની (Art Of Parenting) Mr. Suresh Prajapati View Photos
8 23-01-2020 Relieve tension and Enjoy Exams Mr. Nilesh Patel View Photos
9 24-01-2020 Relieve tension and Enjoy Exams Mr. Nilesh Patel View Photos
10 8-02-2020 Influential Leadership Skills Mr. Nilesh Shah View Photos
11 11-02-2020 India 5 Trillion Economy How ? Mr. Jammer Mokashi View Photos
12 7,10,17,21-2-2020 Oasis Life Camp Mr. Jammer Mokashi View Photos
13 22-2-2020 AIMA's 64th Foundation Day & 14th Nationla Management Day Celebration - View Photos
14 23-2-2020 Business Etiquette Neha Hariyani View Photos
15 3-3-2020 JN Tata Memorial Lecture Series Suhel Seth View Photos
16 12-3-2020 Megatrends 2020 Dr. Deepak Vohra View Photos
Sr. No. Date Seminar Name Speaker Name Gallery Photos
1 25.08.2013 Empowering Indians Padmshri Dr.Y.S.Rajan (Banglore)
2 14.09.2013 "Managerial Challenges for an Entrepreneurship" Mr.Samir Parikh
3 14.09.2013 Seminar on Parenting Mr.Samir Parikh
4 29.09.2013 Tax Planning with Tax Guru Shri.Subhash Lakhotia
Sr. No. Date Seminar Name Speaker Name Gallery Photos
1 04.05.2014 Business Planning for Growth Shri.Ajoy Guha
2 24.08.2014 Role of Local Management Association Mr.Rajiv Vastupal
3 05.09.2014 Industry visit to AMA & IIM, Ahmedabad
4 23.09.2014 Participation in 41st convention of AIMA, New Delhi
5 28.09.2014 Seminar on Supply Chain Management "Mumbai's Dabbawala" Pawan Agarwal
6 12.10.2014 Workshop on Industrial Health & Safety L.K.Dungrani
7 12.10.2014 Workshop on Women Empowerment Mrs.Nanda Dave & Team
8 16.11.2014 Workshop on How to start an export business S.V.Modi
9 23.11.2014 Seminar on Challenges & Opportunities for retail business Mr.Rajesh Desai
10 30.11.2014 Seminar on Service Tax Kaza Subramaniam
11 13.12.2014 Seminar on Music Therapy Dr Parth Oza
1 18.01.2015 Certificate course in sales & marketing A.B.Raju
2 15.02.2015 Seminar on Industrial Policy 2015 D.D.Solanki
3 09.03.2015 Union Budget 2015 Nilesh Shah View Photos
4 22.03.2015 Life of a Transacender Laxmi Narayan Tripathi View Photos
5 26.04.2015 Miracle on Wheels,[ABILITY UNLIMITED] Syed Sallauddin Pasha,AUF View Photos
6 02.05.2015 Kuch Bhi Ho Sakta Hai Anupam Kher View Photos
7 28.05.2015 Workshop on Child Personality Assessment & Trainning Priti Zaveri,LEAAD View Photos
8 13.06.2015 Workshop on Leadership & Team Management Nirmal Parekh,Baroda View Photos
9 28.06.2015 Seminar on-"Lord Krishna-As a Management Guru" Bhagyesh Shah,IAS View Photos
10 11.07.2015 Seminar on-"Benefits of Right to information Act" Ajay Jangid,RTI Activist
11 19.07.2015 Wealth Conclave-1 Speakers from india,Japan,Korea & France View Photos
12 26.07.2015 Seminar on-"Jeena Isi Ka Nnaam Hai" Bhavin Shah-Coach for the Life View Photos
13 08.08.2015 Workshop on-"Innovation Secrets of Indian CEO'S" Dr.Rekha Shetty, Chennai View Photos
14 23.08.2015 Seminar on-"Big Opportunities In Small Cities" Shri Jay Narayan Vyas View Photos
15 20.09.2015 Seminar on-"Advertising Myth" Sanjay Chakraborty View Photos
16 26.09.2015 Seminar on-"Hospital Management" B.P.Sharma View Photos
18 11.10.2015 Seminar on-"Emerging Entrepreneuial Opportunities" Mr. Sunil Parekh View Photos
19 18.10.2015 Inspirational Talk-"Relationship Management" Swami Amrutvadandasji & Shri Ajit Telang
20 28.11.2015 Seminar on-LAUGHTER MANAGEMENT Dr. Shyamal Munshi View Photos
21 05.12.2015 Seminar on-"Career Counseling" Mahesh Rammurthy & Bhaktawar Krishnan View Photos
22 09.12.2015 Trainning Workshop-"Achivement Motivation" Shri M.M.Patel View Photos
23 12.12.2015 Workshop on-"EPIC"-Parenting Guruji Ajit Telang View Photos
24 18.12.2015 Vendor Expo @ Surat.
Sr. No. Date Seminar Name Speaker Name Gallery Photos
1 03.01.2016 Workshop on-"Work Effectiveness Through Communication" Mr. Parmod Palekar View Photos
2 05.01.2016 NMA-AD Club Rajul Parekh View Photos
5 26.01.2016 INAUGRATION-"Emploment Exchange, Counselling centre." REMYA MOHAN AND PIYUSH DESAI View Photos
6 31.01.2016 Seminar on-"PAIN MANAGEMENT" Dr.Vikarm Patel,USA View Photos
7 07.02.2016 Workshop on-"SALES MANAGEMENT" RAMA MOONDRA View Photos
9 21.02.2016 NMA-ANNUAL MEET Jay Vasavada View Photos
10 05.03.2016 Seminar on-"Union Budget" NILESH SHAH View Photos
11 13.03.2016 Seminar on-"Diamond Grading Awareness" MR.VARAMA & MR SAMIR View Photos
12 20.03.2016 Transforming Business to surviving beyond 2020 Pinakin Munshi, Mumbai View Photos
13 27.03.2016 Young Achievers Conference Local Heros View Photos
14 17-04-2016 Its Your Business Make it Big ! Mr. Jagdish Joshi View Photos
15 23-04-2016 Workshop on Calligraphy Mr. Gopal Patel View Photos
16 24-04-2016 Workshop on Managing Priorities & Time Management Mr. Hiren Vakil View Photos
17 14-05-2016 Career Management Mr. Kishan Patel View Photos
18 16-05-2016 Secrete of Happy & Stress Free Life Mr. Gogendra Singh
19 22-05-2016 Film Based Discussion (Power of Vision & Miracle Man) Mr. Bhasker Joshi View Photos
20 22 to 31-5-16 Advance Calligraphy Workshop Mr. Gopal Patel View Photos
21 11-06-2016 Orientation Program for Appituted NTC Surat
22 18-06-2016 Management Lessons from Music Mr. Rajiv Bhatt View Photos
23 25-06-2016 Career Opportunities for Young Student Dr. Pradip Malik PDPU View Photos
24 26-06-2016 WISE ( Women Internet Safety Education) Mr. Chintan Pataki View Photos
25 06 to 11-7-16 Diamond Grading Workshop Mr. Hitesh Verma & Mr. Sameer Shah View Photos
26 10-07-2016 End to Begin Mr. Nirmal Parekh View Photos
27 30-31-07-16 MS Excel Workshop Mr. Sachinwala
28 1 to 16-8-16 Improving Employability Skills Mr M.M.Patel
29 06-08-2016 Wealth Conclave Dr. Porus Peshoton ,
Mr. Aashish Somiya
Mrs. Aditi Kothari Desai
Mr. Sanjay Parikh
30 07-08-2016 SOCH Lateral Thinking & Creative Problem Solving Dr. Veena Pani - Mumbai
31 13-08-2016 Busines Plan Formation Mr. Sachinwala
32 28-08-2016 Ethics in Business Guruji Narayana - Baroda
33 28-08-2016 Swasth Maan Swasth Taan Dr. Pankaj Parekh - Mumbai
34 04-09-2016 Inerview Clinic Mr. Bhasker Joshi
35 18-09-2016 Get Ready for GST CA Abhay Desai & CA Avinash Poddar
36 16-10-2016 Recent Change in Industrial Law & Prevention Dr R Krishna Murthy
37 27 to 29-12-16 I LEAD Mr M.M.Patel
Sr. No. Date Seminar Name Speaker Name Gallery Photos
1 08-01-2017 Cashless or Cash Rich India ? Dr. Suyash Bhatt & Mr. Neeraj Choksi View Photos
2 20-01-2017 Effective Retail Selling Skills Mr. Narahar Deshpande - Mumbai
3 05-02-2017 Pain Free Life Mr. Mukesh Patel - Ahmedabad View Photos
4 08-02-2017

Life Style Modification & Happiness Analysis

Mr. G. Vindo Kumar - Yoga Therapist View Photos
5 12-02-2017 Beach Therapy Mr. G. Vindo Kumar - Yoga Therapist
6 19& 20-02-2017 Improving Business Productivity and profit Using Mr. M.N.Patel
7 26-02-2017 Separation to oneness in corporate world Assem Srivastav
8 04-03-2017 India in 21st century Firedose Vandriwala- AIMA President View Photos
9 11-03-2017 Chanakya Dr. Rradhakrishna Pillai View Photos
10 25-03-2017 Avadh Kimarli View Photos
11 27-05-2017 Seminar on Creative Thinking at workplace Mr. Suresh Purohit View Photos
12 04-06-2017 Workshop on GST (Goods and Service Tax) View Photos
13 10-06-2017 Workshop on Digital Marketting Prof. Sham Sachinwala View Photos
14 25-06-2017 1st SME Conclave Mr. Tushar Joshi
Mr. Bhaskar Joshi
View Photos
15 20-08-2017 NMA Business Leadership Award View Photos
16 9-09-2017 How to be a Star at Work Mr. Aseem Shrivastav View Photos
17 10-09-2017 Workshop on Mastering Time Power of Now Mr. Aseem Shrivastav View Photos
18 7-10-2017 Effective NGO Management Shri Suresh Pandit View Photos
19 7-10-2017 Youth Motivational Talk On Unleashing the Hidden Potentials- Moving from loser to winner Guruji Ajit Telang View Photos
20 8-10-2017 Life Enrichment & the Inner Celebrations Guruji Shri Ajit Telang View Photos
21 12-11-2017 Kautilya's Management Mantra Dr. Asawari Uday Bapat View Photos
22 18-11-2017 World Class Housekeeping through 5s Shri Arun Modi View Photos
23 1-12-2017 NMA Youth Talk on "Career opportunities & Marketing" Mr. Rajesh Desai View Photos
24 10-12-2017 New Age Selling & Marketing Mr. Tanmay Shah
25 School View Photos
Sr. No. Date Seminar Name Speaker Name Gallery Photos
1 10-1-2018 New Age Selling & Marketing Mr. Vikas Chawda View Photos
2 20-01-2018 Shaping Young Mind Programme Mr. N Shnatosh Hegde,
Mr. Deepak Vohra,
Dr. Shikha Nehru Sharma,
Mr. Raghunath Medge &
Mr. Vinit Agrawal
View Details
3 4-03-2018 આભાર માનવાનો જાદુ (Magic of Gratitude) Mr. Manoj Lekhi
4 24-03-2018 જલ હૈ તો કલ હૈ Mr. Mayurbahi M. Savaani (Padmashree Award Winner) View Photos
5 22-04-2018 Indian Economy Past Present & Future
Impact of National Security
Mr. Raj Gandhi (Equity Analyst, SBI Mutual Fund)
Mr. Karan Datta (Natinal Sales Head, Axis Mutual Fund)
View Photos
6 27-05-2018 Smart (Parents/Children/Phones)
A valuable session for Parents
Dr. Parag Shah
(HOD,Psychiatric Department SMMIMER Medical College, Surat)
7 24-06-2018 Marketing Skills for Women Entrepreneurs Mr. Chandramauli Pathak
(International expert in entrepreneurship and certified trainer of ILO)
Mr. Vijay Desai
(Founder, Abhigam Marketing and Marketing Consultants)
View Photos
8 8-07-2018 Professional Negotiation Skills Mr.Pramod Palekar
(Corporate Trainer, Business Coach with 38 years of experience in the field)
Mr. Jameer Mokashi
(Counseller ,Trainer and Motivator with 16 years of experience in course content designing)
View Photos
9 22-07-2018 Developing as a Dynamic Professional Mr. Hiren Vakil(Corporate Trainer & Management Consultant)
10 04-08-2018 Time Management in the New Millenium Mr. Siddharth Shah(Buisness coach & Life coach from the Napoleon Hill Foundation-USA)
11 11-08-2018 Missing People-What can be done to help them Mr. Vasant Dhoble(EX. ACP Mumbai Police) View Photos
12 14-08-2018 પરમવીર ચક્ર હર્ષલ પુષ્કર્ણા
13 22-08-2018 Behavioral Finance Dr. Suyash Bhatt
14 5-09-2018 &
Performance Excellence Dr. Pramod Palekar &
Mr. Jameer Mokashi
View Photos
15 8-09-2018 Dare to Dream Dr. Arokiaswami Velumani(Creator of Thyrocare Technologies Limited World’s largest Thyroid Testing Laboratory)
16 16-09-2018 Modern Vegetarian Recipes Renu Dalal
17 22-09-2018 હું અને તું Dr. Prashant Bhimani
18 23-09-2018 Healthy Minds Dr. Prashant Bhimani View Photos
19 27-10-2018 I Made Simple Pastiwala Mr. Paresh Parekh (Founder, View Photos
20 1-12-2018 Power In You Mrs. Nisha Butani (Certified Trainer from Indian Trainers Association) View Photos
21 8-12-2018 NMA Felicitation Mr. Robin Bhatt(An Eminent Cinema Screen Writer President, Screen Writers Association) View Photos
22 15-12-2018 Unleash Your Hidden Potential Mr. Bhavin J. Shah(Motivational Speaker & Life Coach) View Photos
23 20-12-2018 Critical Thinking Mr. Aniruddha Panchal(Head, HR and Employee Relations Huber India Pvt. Ltd.) View Photos
24 27-12-2018 Smart(Parents-Children-Phones) Dr. Parag Shah (HOD, Psychiatry Department SMIMER Medical College, Surat) View Photos
Sr. No. Date Seminar Name Speaker Name Gallery Photos
1 22-1-2019 Launching of Book "India Moving" Chinmay Tumbe View Photos
2 11-2-2019 Global Economic trends: Impact on indian Business Dr. R. Vaidyanathan View Photos
3 01-03-2019 Leadership Skills From Bhagvad Geeta Shree Pandit Mangesh Maharaj Kadam View Photos
4 9-3-2019 Inter college Competition
What an IDEA!
NA View Photos
5 17-3-2019 SWOT Analysis Mrs. Nisha Butani View Photos
6 28-03-2019 Smart Phone Use & Cyber Safety Dr. Parag Shah (HOD,Psychiatric Department SMMIMER Medical College, Surat) View Photos
7 7-04-2019 The Ripple Effect Dr. Pawan Gupta View Photos
8 17-04-2019 Performance Enhancement By Happiness Lab Mr. Nikhil Walkikar View Photos
9 28-04-2019 More Power To Kids & Women Workshop on Self Defence Mr. Vispi Kasad View Photos
10 02-05-2019 Business - A Love Affair Mr. Niral Parekh View Photos
11 02-05-2019 SRK Diamonds
Kiran Hospital
NA View Photos
12 30-05-2019 A Biography Of Innovations From Birth To Maturity Mr. R. Gopalkrishana View Photos
13 3-06-2019 Kalam Ko Salam View Photos
14 7-06-2019 Business Mantra Mr. Shailesh Trivedi View Photos
15 20-07-2019 Relevance and Importance of Mahatma Gandhi Mr. Shrikrishna Kulkarni
17 27.7.2019 Launching of book Caste as Social Capital Prof. R.Vidyanathan View Photos
18 28-07-2019 NMA Annual Award event NA View Photos
19 10-08-2019
To 13-08-2019
NMA Monsoon Trip to Puducherri NA
20 23-08-2019 Annual General meeting NA View Photos
21 24-08-2019 Dosti ane Prem ni Haveli bandhavi Dau Ankit Trivedi View Photos
22 25-08-2019 SME Conclave
1. Opportunity for SMEs
2. Family Managed Business, Challenges and Opportunities
Dr. Hitesh Shukla View Photos
23 06-09-2019 Industrial visit to Amul Dairy NA View Photos
24 09-09-2019 Student's Mind Power - Understanding By Modren Science And Technology Mr. Nilesh Patel View Photos
25 11-09-2019 Student's Mind Power - Understanding By Modren Science And Technology Mr. Nilesh Patel View Photos
26 13-09-2019 2-Meals -A-Day Keep Obesity & Diabetes Away Dr. Jagannath Dixit View Photos
27 15-09-2019 Narendra Modi and Next generation -Book Launch Mr. Dinesh Desai View Photos
27 17-09-2019
46th AIMA National Management Convention NA View Photos
28 22-09-2019 Bridging Gap Between Patient & Medical Professionals Mr. Nikhi Walkikar View Photos
29 27-09-2019 AIMA Award Celebration Event NA View Photos
30 29-09-2019 Finance for Non Finance Mr. Rajiv Khatlawala View Photos
31 15-10-2019 Study Sutras Khurshed Batliwala View Photos
32 18-10-2019 Industrial visit to Kiran hospital by naran Lala College students NA View Photos
33 9-11-2019 People Buy People First - The Smarter selling Vinita Vyas View Photos
34 18-11-2019
23rd Student Management Games Mr. S C Tyagi (AIMA) View Photos
35 24-11-2019 Family managed business Opportunity & challenges Dr. Hitesh Shukla View Photos